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climate controlled storage

It often comes as a surprise to many people that, while many personal belongings don’t need air conditioning or heating per se, other valuables require stable temperatures and environments in order to maintain their structural integrity. Antiques, photographs, equipment and even vehicles require a climate that is free of extreme changes in both temperature and humidity. Because of the volatility of North Carolina’s weather, keeping your belongings in good condition is dependent on complete protection from the elements.

As the region’s preferred storage facility, we offer residents and businesses climate-controlled storage spaces that ensure the long-term protection of your personal items. Solid and secure, each space is consistently regulated, keeping humidity levels and temperatures mild and moderate at all times. This consistency limits the negative damage that people often see after storing their items for long periods of time. Without climate control, your items are vulnerable to mold, mildew, rust and other corrosive elements, resulting in a loss of usability and functionality.

Don’t risk irreversible damage to your important documents or family heirlooms. Your team at The Storage Hub works to ensure that your belongings are kept in the same condition as they were in when you first entrusted them to our safekeeping. With convenient access, cutting-edge video surveillance, affordable rates and flexible payment options and contracts, we create  simple, stress-free solutions to your storage space needs. Consult with a customer care tech today to discuss your best options today.

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